Up and Coming Stars

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                            Up & Coming Stars.

Teeco's Sabre Knows All
(Ch Alcinta's Desert Hawk x Teeco's Night 'N Gale)

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Teeco's Two Outta Three ain't Bad
(Teeco's Two Nights the Night x Teeco's Teeberry Shuffle)

Teeco's Ticklemee Elmo
(Teeco's T.S. Eliot x Ch Teeco's Taeviamagee)

Teeco's Wind in the Willows and
Teeco's Blowing in the Wind
(Teeco's Inherit the Wind x Teeco's K Tee Dee)

Teeco's Texas Ranger
(Teeco's Textile and Tapestree x Teeco's K Tee Dee)
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Teeco's Coolmint of Northern Lights
(Teeco's Night Toreemember x Teeco's L' Air Du Temps)
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Canaan and Teeco's Tangereen
(Needs a Major to Finish)

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